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life is too short to not smile everyday

dcchichandsdown (Heather)
21 May
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Well, I'm Heather as you can read. I love music all kinds are great! I'm a music education major with a piano minor but clarinet is my focus. I'm from Slidell, LA but go to school in Natchitoches at Northwestern State. I love talking non-stop to anyone who will listen or won't listen. I have the best finace ever who I've been with for almost 3 yrs. Carlo. I also have the greatest best friend ever Shanda who is well the best I'm busy ALL the time doing a million things at once. I'm the queen of multi-tasking. I have some of the greatest friends ever like Rachel, Sara, Lindsay,Lacie and David. There's many more of ya'll out there but there's not enough room to say hey to you all so I luv you guys!! Also hey to all my sisters in Sigma Alpha Iota and Alpha Sigma Alpha!!