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Don't let the sun go down on me

alright I suppose it's time to update this damn thing! okay so..... yeah lots of stuff going on. All this week is crazy. Today I had conducting round I which wasn't bad at all. Tomorrow i have an arrangement due for 5 strings on a Bach Chorale. It wouldn't be bad if the printer in CAPA would print from finale and I don't have a disk basically it sucks completely and totally b/c i don't really know what to do. I might have one in my car but I haven't looked yet I will when i finish this, lets just hope that's right. Then I have to print it and write the score out by hand which is really how i prefer to do my composing it's just quick on finale but finale takes away a lot I think and yeah it sounds stupid but it's how I think so kill me. Anyway, well I also have a quiz on transposition in conducting and have to turn in my score I want to mark some more stuff I think. I also have a music history test and a science test all on Wednesday WOOHOO. talk about a day from hell!! I'll be totally drained after music history and I'll still have my science test. It's okay b/c David and I are going to study together he's gunna cook dinner and we're going to study science so that's a good thing and i have a billion breaks tommorow so in between there I'll go to PJ's and study music history. Well, all bridesmaids have their gowns BUT Sarah and yeah well I don't know what to do about that I mean I gave plenty of notice but hey I guess i can't get everything I just don't know what it will do to her discount i guess she'll have to pay full price for it I mean would you rather pay $138 total or $158. Anyway, oh this weekend I had SOO........ much fun. Me and Carlo took Sasha, Arsentiy, Peter, and Frankie to Alexandria b/c Sasha, Arsentiy, and Peter were competing in the Rapides concerto competition. The thing was rigged but yeah anyway well we went to the mall and Sasha and I split from the guys and shopped a little but I had a bridal consultation so I only had like 30 or 40 min to shop w/ her :-( it's okay though she got a cute brown chord jacket and i got this hot tank w/ gold beading. Anyway, well my bridal consultation went great I got exactly what I wanted and it looked great. The way home everyone slept and on the way there and driving everywhere we all talked and had fun. I learned more russian YEA! hehe anyway well that night was the piano series at 7:30 and Cara, Kristian, and Allison saved me I could have never pulled off the reception set up by myself so they're awesome. SAI helped w/ the reception yea!! OMG they have an awesome art show going on it's nude art but done amazingly tastefully I think it's beautiful some of the work. They have one of a pregnant woman and if you look close right next to her is a little girl it's almost ghost like in appearance then there's a lemon on the ground a light socket that's sideways and a pencil hanging from a string by a window. It's just awesome i think pregnant women are so beautiful they just have this amazing glow and they have life in them and it's awesome. They also had a naked woman in a chair w/ just a sheer shirt on and a glass of wine in her hand and a magazine and book by the recliner chair. I think we've all done that before and it's just really relatable. Well, let me think of anything else. uh.. OMG my parents invited me and Carlo to go to Disney with them over Mardi Gras so we're going from Friday-Wednesday I'm so excited!!!!!! I haven't been in like 3 years or something like that well since 03 yeah that's 3 years. oh and yeah that's it I think. Knowing me I'll think of something when I get off. Well, I got to get going and look for that disk cross your fingers and hope i have one. bye guys luv ya

oh I just remembered me and Carlo started watching Sex in the City and we've watched the whole 1st season well almost. We have like 1 more episode left. I LOVE IT it's so sexy and amazing. It's the best and everyone needs to watch it!! LOL
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