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OKay so today I leave to go home and it's my parents 28 year anniversary!! Okay, so Carlo cut off his hair. He told me on the phone last night that um........ oh yeah sorry, I was watching the weather channel it's like 27 degrees here. I would go jog but I wouldn't get out on time so I'm jogging when I get to Carlo's. Anyway, well as I was saying before interupted myself, if that makes any sense, He said that he has a surprise that might be shocking but in a good way he hopes and I immediately asked "what did you do to your hair?" He said it's like an inch long it was that long maybe a little longer when we first met over 3 years ago. It's crazy. Well, I wanted to say sorry about that last post at the time i was hurt. It's okay, everyone is entitled to their opinion and it's not like Shan isn't going to wear the dress. I still you have to put it on to really make a true call on it. I went to David's yesterday to look at the dress one more time and it's not that dark it looks good. Rachel has almost the same fair complexion that Shanda does and she says it looks good. Once everyones hair and makeup is done and jewelry on then you'll see how beautiful you all look in it I PROMISE you'll like it. If not then I'm sorry and you make me wear something I don't like to your wedding, no joke! Also, speaking of bridesmaids everyone can do their makeup and hair as they see fit. I believe that since you're all dressing the same that taking away anymore freedom would be wrong and not your personality. You don't have to have a professional do your hair. I know Sara is very good with hair, she did mine for the pageant and has done tons of peoples for formals or if you can do your own hair that's cool too. Also, on Friday night me and my family is staying in SLidell and heading to the Hilton the day of the wedding since it's at 7pm. So........ if you bridesmaid want to you can stay at my house, all 5 of you and we can have like a bachelorette party and go out and stuff I mean the wedding isn't till 7pm as I said. It would be better than spending money on a room at the Hilton. That way you'll only have to stay at the HIlton 1 night. By the way Lacie is going to be staying at the condo they own because of her boyfriend Don, her mom Mrs. Anne, her sister Amy, and her boyfriend Christian. that's 4 to a room so it's still cheap but a little more. Well, I love everyone and gotta get going i have to pack ya know. I'll see everyone tommorow or actually Monday one of the 2. LOL

excited to see everyone but missing home already

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