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Well, I know I updated earlier but I'm updating again. Today was my LAST day of work and tommorow me and my mom are going shopping in Covington for my garter, guest book, pen, money bag, and lighters for the sparklers. Well, I just found out that when Linds and Shan went to try on the dresses that they didn't even have my dress. I mean that really sucks but to boot Shan hates the color. I picked the color thinking of every girl in mind. I mean it's a burgandy and she thinks because she has light hair and fair skin that she's going to look horrible in it. I'm kind of offended, I mean it's not a dark burgandy it's burgandy just plain burgandy. I think they looked at eggplant or something. I mean come on black looks great on Shan so why wouldn't burgandy. If black is darker than burgandy then why would burgandy look bad because it's too dark. Wouldn't it be if burgandy is too dark that black would be too dark and if burgandy looks bad that black would look bad. I was just offended I guess because I think it's so pretty and it took a lot of thought and time into picking out their dresses because everyone is different in complexion, height, and size. Of course, not everyone can be happy I guess. But you'd think with only 5 bridesmaids that they would all like it. I picked a style making sure it complimented everyone along with the color hence why I changed it from eggplant. I think when she tries on the real dress and not something else she'll see how pretty it really is. It's just she's judging off of a hanger and hasn't even tried the dress on. I'm just hurt that's the bottom line, I'm hurt. Anyway, well I'm going to bed on that great note. I'm not mad at Shan I'm just hurt, that's all.

completely and totally hurt
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