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So yeah I totally and completely SUCK at updating but here's a short one. I have work at 11 but will leave at 10:55 because it's literally 3 minutes from my house which is nice. Today is my last day working. I work at Wendy's for $8 I think I've already but that but I'm not sure, then again when am I ever. So, today I had a dermatologist appointment because I want perfect flawless skin for my wedding formals and for my wedding so I got 3 prescriptions and am going back in 2 months I hope this works. My wedding formal session is 2pm on April 13th and I'm getting my hair done at 10am and I might have my make-up done by her as well, we'll see. I have to get lots of bridal magazines from now on to look for the eye make-up look I want and i have to go to a Clinique counter for a bridal consultation and tell them I want that silvery eye look with plum lip color. I need to know how to get a silver that's perfect not charcoal but not almost white and I want a depth and I just need to find out what colors. Of course, after all of that if I can achive my look myself I think I will, well at least for my bridal formals, if not I'll have Mrs. Bonnie do it because it's nice to be pampered and this is the one day I want it. LOL AHHHH I still have to change into my clothes and grab something to eat. Okay well I'll update later I guess. I'm so excited b/e Lacie, Rachel, Shanda, and Lindsay all have their gowns all that's left is Sara.

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