dcchichandsdown (Heather) (dcchichandsdown) wrote,
dcchichandsdown (Heather)

so yeah went on the band trip from hell. Had to get to school for 6:30 on Friday didn't leave till 11 because of buses being late (5 and 6) then bus 6 brakes failed and shit. I was on bus 5 which smelled like ass and pee, and our bus driver decided at a red light to put the bus in park and go pee and he made it back for the light to turn green and then well yeah it was funny. So then we got to the hotel and didn't perform at LBJ like we were supposed to, no complaints here!! We went to the mall in Austin Highland I think for dinner Shanda and I shoved food down our throat so we could go shop and we both bought the cutest stuff ever! We got bak had a couple beers and watched Erin Brochavich and went to sleep then we went to IHOP at 8 in the morning, well me Shanda and Carlo! YUMMY!!!! we had lunch at Texas State only after rehearsing because we got to the cafateria too early. The game was cool we lost but I had fun. We met up the the SAI chapter at Texas State and they baked us cookies! WOOHOO more food. After the game me Shanda and Lindsay had some fun and jumped off ramps and rolled down hills it was great, stupid but great. The bus ride home was going pretty well until at like 2:30 we stopped for no reason bus 6 broke down b/c the idiot driver didn't fill up the tank all the way so we put 10 people from bus 6 on each bus and got home okay. Did I also mention we got lost like at least 3 times! WOW the trip from hell
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