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This is a long awaited update for me. So it's way too early in the fucking morning. I woke up rather pleasant but was rudely awakened as Carlo and I got in the car to go to CAPA for the Austin trip when i told him I need my keys to get me pillow and he nearly bit my head off responding. Last night we had an argument b/c he wanted me to get in bed and do everything in the morning, which was packing everything, doing dishes, cleaning the apt, and cleaning out my car. I had the SAI National Test last night and I didn't get back till like 11 or something like that. Anyway, I didn't finish till 1am and hopped in bed and told Carlo I was sorry about being bitchy and all that and he shook his head and everything was cool, he was asleep but definately acknowledging that I got in bed and talked to me too. So, yeah after hopping in the car I asked him if he remembered me saying I was sorry and he said no so being that Iwas NOT happy at the time i told him well by the way I apologized and stuff. I just get so frustrated he thinks that I blame him for stuff when I clearly tell him It's my fault and i wish I could rewind and ask you to hold the CD's you gave me b/c I left them. Yeah my listening test CD's I left them at PJ's b/c I was studying and didn't remember him giving them to me first thing when he walked in and don't remember where I put them since I had a pile of paper. Yet he still says I blame him. I could just scream and to think I have be on the bus 9hrs with him today! Kill me now. goodbye and I hope everyone else got sleep today!
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