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I haven't posted in fer fricken ever. So yeah I'm pinned into SAI fun stuff and LOTS of memorizing like lots!! LIndsay is my Big sis and she's awesome! YEAH!!! I've been practicing like crazy preparing for the concerto competition and working on memorizing. Yeah it's coming slowly but surley. In the end memorizing will be a good thing b/c I won't be worrying about notes instead it will be about cleaning and clarity and tone and dynamics and that's AWESOME. I also got a great unaccompanied solo the Rosta I think that's how it's spelled. I tried to look up the story on it but only found the composers biography. Not a history of the piece. Oh well, I'll Dr. M at my lesson tommorow. It was so nice not having classes on Friday or Monday I totally think no classes should have been today either but maybe that's because I'm a total slacker when I wanna be. Well, hmm....... what else is going on. My parents I think are being dumb and are driving around New Orleans, I think that's stupid I mean they're just doing it to take pictures b/c my mom says "this is a once in a lifetime event that hopefully you'll never see again in your life" I'm so f****** tired of hearing that. I can't even have a normal conversation with her hence why I've avoided calling her for forever. I'm not being mean b/c Katrina totally hit my town and destroyed half of it but like I've watched footage so much and I've heard from my mom everytime I talk to her stuff about Katrina i mean when every conversation you have w/ your mom is 1 sided and it's her talking about Katrina it's just like OMG can I get off the phone!!!!!!!! Well, anyway omg I talked to Peter about how we need to set up a time to rehearse and he's being a bitch about it. I wanna get another accompanist seriously. Like he's like why don't we practice on Saturday! WHATT my day off that I have to march at a football game anyway and YOU wanna practice uhhhhh NO!! Also, he's like I have classes til 6 or 7 Well hello so do I. I told him look how about you print out your schedule and I'll compare and stuff and he's like okay while sitting at the computer next to me for like 30 min and doesn't print it out he also said he was TOO BUSY to write out his schedule! AHHHHHH nightmare city NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! How f****** aggravating. Well, I'm going to go okay have a great day everyone sorry about my ranting and raving by I have to vent to someone or something shall I say

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