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Alright so....... I got the reply back from Kodak about my camera and I have to ship it off and am going to today!! It will take 4 days to get up to New York then it will take 5 days once they have it then it will take another 4days to get it so by the time I am back in Natchitoches I'll have Earnie back hopefully won't have to send him off again!!!!! Anyway, okay so they other day the DJ was a complete disaster BUT...... I called Jim Henson who is a readio personality on a station that reaches all the way from NO to Lafayette called DIVA. He has a fabulous voice and was super easy to talk to. I have a good feeling about him and he's been doing weddings since 1979. He also uses 2 mini discs and is really compact. SO....... everything isn't so bad. Carlo and i are also meeting Father Billy on Friday at noon so I HAVE to be leaving here at 8:30AM. I can do it. If i pack the night before that is which probably won't but yeah we'll see! Also we're going cake testing on the 16th. So....... hopefully we'll get this all finished b4 school so I won't have to worry about this. Alright I'm going to go have a great day buy guys

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