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GRRRRR!! What a shitty day! So..... I was going to watch a DJ, Rick Gardache, with Decades and well lets just say it was not good is the understatement of the year! Something happened and he was 1 hr. late to the reception. He was supposed to be there at 10am and didn't get there til 1:30pm! It was a vietnamese wedding which I knew in advance but I didn't realize that there was NO DANCING AT ALL. There's a sit down lunch or dinner and then do karoke! Also the guy had a lisp. So... yeah and other DJ's haven't called me back except one. Good thing is this guy is on the radio bad thing is he's out of town! SO........ I need to get this done before I leave but will I?? probably not and i don't kow when to do this b/c I need to get this done before December! Anyway, well I'm a little stressed again and I'm WAY WAY WAY overworked. I've been working doubles like crazy and would have worked a double today is I didn't have a wedding I need to go home to Natchitoches and just want to get away from wedding planning. It's great when everything falls in place but it's the planning that can be a pain and stressful! I'm just aggravated

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