dcchichandsdown (Heather) (dcchichandsdown) wrote,
dcchichandsdown (Heather)

I am so.... frustrated right now. Carlo always makes it seem that his job is more important than mine and that he needs the money. As I recall I'm the one who doesn't have $1100 yet I mean yeah that's cuz I've been buying clothes for school but ya know what he has a hell of a lot more money than I do. Also I ALWAYS take off work on Friday Saturday and Sunday to go see him and he can't even take off 1 day during the week to come into the city and do wedding cake testing. I could have had this done in July before I went to Hawaii BUT Carlo told me that he wanted to do that with me. I told him it had to be done during the week and said okay. But yeah has it gotten done yet? NO. I mean I take off all the time to go see him. I purposely take off on the weekend for him even though that's some of the only days I make money as a waitress. For example I took off this weekend to see him and I'm taking off on August 12 to go see him for our anniversary. Then he thinks that we can go before we leave on the 17th and I told him that I'm working those days because I need the money. I've also had to take off for appointments to do wedding planning I mean I've taken off 4 days for that, 8 days for Hawaii, and countless weekends. I mean either 4 or 5 weekends that's 12-15 days of at least $35 for 8 days that's $280 that I could have made that's the lowest I would have made too!! He won't even take off on our anniversary. I mean I'm plannign on heading out early on Friday to spend the whole day with him I mean like leaving at 7am but yeah I guess not since he'll be at work I guess he doesn't care that he'll have been together 3 years I mean but yeah whatever. I mean I didn't yell when I talked to him I just kind of told him I'm really frustrated and explained everything I mean he can't take off 1 damn day not for me but for the wedding and we won't be able to during school b/c of marching band and we need to get this bakery booked. It just really really sucks!!!! I'm not happy at all with him. I sacrifice my time for him and he can't for our wedding even though he wanted me to wait for him so we could do this together. sooooo frustrating

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