dcchichandsdown (Heather) (dcchichandsdown) wrote,
dcchichandsdown (Heather)

Alright so I had a great weekend. First off I made $55 on Friday night, all of which I spent so oh well!! LOL well almost all of it I still have all the ones but I took the 5's. Well, I'm watching Bridezilla right now! OMG What BITCHES all of them think they're supposed to be like royalty or something so I dunno!! WOW is all I can say WOW!! Anyway, well Saturday we went to Mandeville and ate a a great coffee shop Cafe Rainee but that's actually in Covington then we went to the Lakefront and climbed down and walked on the ledge thingy that goes out about 20 or 30 ft. into the water we had to climb down off of the wall and I couldn't get back up by myself by jumping so Carlo had to pull me up! LOL We went shopping at American Eagle and I got a polo shirt! WOOHOO. We also shopped at Barnes & Nobles then went back to my house and went to church with my family and then we left once again to go to Heritage Park to just chill and talk. Today we left early to go to Gulf Port and had fun shopping at the outlet mall. I bought this fabulous diagonally stiped tank that's a sweetheart cut top and it has a tie at the bottom I also got dark khaki chords which means that Shanda the chords we split are yours unless the color of the chords are different which I think they aren't!! but yeah so they were like $20.00 and the shirt was like $17.00 I mean they marked an extra 20% off of the chords even though they were already 50% off and it was an extra 20% off b/c well the button fell off of the pants and so they were marked down OMG the button is still on but Hey is good for me b/c those are Banana Republic chords for super cheap. They were originally like $59.99! Lets see I have to pick out a cake b4 I go bak to school and I'm waiting for DJ's to call me back so I can see them and book who I want. Yeah I've been kind of lazy about these last 2 things and they are kind of important!!! It WILL get done and after that the only other thing I really have is getting my gown altered, picking the bridesmaids gowns and shoe style, getting my formal pictures taken over spring break, and getting my menu for the reception hall made up. Of course I still have to ask my hair stylist if she can do my hair and come into New Orleans. So.... yeah I'm doing pretty good actually. Oh yeah and the mass readings and the wording on our invites. Well, I'm going to go! alright bye guys!!!

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