dcchichandsdown (Heather) (dcchichandsdown) wrote,
dcchichandsdown (Heather)

I don't have much to write except I found great letter shirt material it's hot pink with black polka dots and another one with little ducks on it. So...... I have 3 letter shirts i need to get made when I go back up to school. I was thinking maybe we could have shirts with the same marterial Shan since you are my best friend and sister I mean like a true sister that I never had. Tell me whatcha think! I also have agreat pattern with shoes and purses I personally think the hot pink w/ black polka dots is more you but it's what you think IF you want to do this. Well, I also found some other things that I can't say but yeah. Anyway FUN FACT: December 16 is not only going to be the day me and Carlo get marries but it's Beethoven's birthday!! WOW okay that's all I have to say so by guys

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